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Stop Online Spying

The government is about to push through a set of electronic surveillance laws that will invade your privacy and cost you money. The plan is to force every phone and Internet provider to allow "authorities" to collect the private information of any Canadian, at any time, without a warrant. Join the petition at Open Media -Stop Online Spying

A movement has started to decrinalize marijuana in BC and Sensible BC has made a first attempt at getting the required signitures to call a provincial referendum. Although not successful about two thirds of the required signitures where collected. This is only a beginning Organizers have decided "The Sensible BC campaign is not over! We continue to work for sensible marijuana laws in BC and across Canada. We’re going to be launching another signature-gathering campaign in the not-too-distant future." Much has been gained form this first attempt, lessons about how to organize, building networking contacts, knowing where energy is most needed. In all the movement to decriminalize marjuana has grown in scope and strength, all we need is a vision that we can do it.

Here is an Al Jazeera Inside Story discussing the decrimialzation story.

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Occupy Nelson - Occupy Kaslo

Occupy Nelson started as a community response to the call for world-wide action in solidarity with the thousands occupying Liberty Park in New York for Occupy Wall Street. There are now thousands of Occupy camps around the World!

Our camp began on Oct 15th as the conclusion of the 1000 people march through the City to demand the end to global economic injustice.

We are in unity with the growing consensus that the top 1% of the world should not control and dominate the remaining 99%. We are the 99!

As corporations record massive profits, more and more of us are living paycheck to paycheck, accumulating more and more debt, are underemployed or unemployed, living in shelters or on the street. At the same time governements are gutting social services and refusing to protect the environment.

This is not acceptable. We need to join together as a community to create real solutions that meet all of our needs - for housing, food, and love!

Find Occupy Nelson On Facebook and Occupy Kaslo on Facebook.

Talking about Work

Know Your Rights At Work

This is a valuable booklet for any worker who does not have union representation. This is a guide to assist unrepresented workers defend there rights and achieve fairness in the place of work. The inforamtion has been compiled and interpreted by Vancounver Island Industrial Workers of the World and is available for free download at: http://zinelibrary.info/files/bc-workers-rights.pdf

Know Your Rights At Work! Contact Kootenay Anarchists for a printed copy. email: info-at-kootan.org


Solidarity is an important trade union activity; get involved, know what is happening in the labour movement.
Check out LabourStart and LabourStart Canada

Living in Community

The Kootenay Anarchists of BC are active agitators for social change in the communities in and around the Kootenay Lake region of BC. We seek to build the elements of a free society that are autonomous from governing authority. Some of our current projects include a free FM radio station we call Spontaneous Autonomy Radio (SAR) and we are working toward the formation of an anarchist Eco-village.

The numerous communities in the Kootenays make for a diversified social experience which is naturally decentralized. Social diversity and the dependence on cooperative economics make life style alternatives viable possibilities. Community controlled economic enterprise and cooperative work are becoming ever increasing presence here. With local economies that are failing due to government ineptitude and corporate irresponsibility people are coming together to create their own economy. Small businesses, craft fairs and farmer's markets, community forests and other societies and cooperatives are building a new self reliance among the people.

With political, economic and environmental disarray floundering our society we need more than a quick fix, we must question the basis of the state which controls through corporate and government organization the lives of millions for the wealth and privilege of a few. We must seek to break away from the taxation and control over our lives. Together we can form cooperative communities, Eco-villages and even share our creative work without paying homage to the powers of finance, political leaders who turn against us.